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Forty years ago, the founding father of the Gallo Group began his career in fishing, and because he is a man with a vision for his future, he worked hard to be one of the first workers in the fish farming field, from one Tilapia pond to dozens of ponds to a small fish feed factory.

In 2005, the administration moved to Mr. Mohammed Gallo, whose first decision was to export fish to Arab countries, so we started as follows:

  • We started to establish Al-Hamoor General Trading Company Based in Dubai, followed directly by Egyptian Cargo Shipping and Clearance company to clear our shipments at air and seaports.
  • Then a feed factory (Which is now being changed to Al-Safa feed factory by replacing new machines with a greater production capacity to meet the market needs of feed, which will open in the first half of 2021).
  • Then the Gallo Foam factory provides polystyrene boxes for packing export.
  • Then Nile Food Stuff and Fish Processing factory, which was built on the latest specifications which also correspond to the Food Safety Organization which will allow us to go to the European market to export various types of fish from Egypt to the countries of the world.
  • Because we are working with the vision of orientation to the industrial activities that serve each other and also compete in the local and international market, we have begun to establish Elmadina for Plastics Factory, which will open in the second half of 2020.


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