Nile-Food History

Nile Food Stuff and Fish Processing was created recently, since then it’s dedicated to the import, export, and trading of fresh and processed fish, having presence throughout European countries and Arab countries we work to offer our customers the best daily selection of fresh and frozen fish.

Thanks to all these years of experience, we know how to satisfy the needs of our customers, adapting to their demands in packaging, formats, date, and place of delivery, ensuring the sanitary traceability of our fish, this service is our greatest commitment.


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Certified by URS

Certified by SCI

Packing & Transportation

We are packing fresh fish products in air-tight polystyrene boxes where first a plastic bag is placed in the box, then the fish are arranged in an organized manner that maintains their quality according to international quality standards, then the bag is closed, ice bags are closed, the box is tightly closed and an outer bag is placed

Nile Food is able to deliver its products to customers depending on their needs, ranging from daily fresh fish to large quantities of frozen fish. 

For transport of fresh fish, we use a vehicle with big chambers that have built-in coolers with a total capacity of up to 8,000 kg. to deliver to the airport and then directly to the airplane to the destination.

For transport of frozen fish, we use containers insulated with built-in coolers -20 Celsius for keeping fish frozen and quality arrival, ensuring the optimal conditions for fish transport.

Transport vehicles also operate by transit (refrigerators) to transport fish exported to the Arab countries and the Arab Gulf states.

Quality Control

Product wholesomeness and safety during fish processing is ensured through the implementation of  HACCP principles implemented within the international ISO 22000 standard.

That way, we honor the demands for maintaining an integrated and efficient system of food safety management.


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