Gallo Foam History

Gallo Foam Factory was established in 2017

Day after day, our Quality Department Staff works hard to achieve higher standards and to create products that are suitable for the new alimentary and organizational needs of modern life. This is also possible thanks to the collaboration with our Development and Research Team.

But not only. For us, excellence also means constant training and modernization. That’s why we have established our own training center, which focuses on spreading a culture of agriculture, fishing, and industry and is also able to provide training and support to professionals in the industry.

Our Products

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is the long-established market-leading solution in the protection of fish and fish products from sea to sales counter across the globe. This dominant market position comes from unrivaled superiority in thermal performance, impact protection, stacking strength, and proven eco-credentials. But as well as being the best option in protecting fish, EPS is also the preferred solution for the protection of high value, high fragility products – for transporting and protecting everything from human organs to sensitive electronics and IT equipment and from delicate foodstuffs such as exotic fruits to other microbiologically and impact sensitive foods such as fresh meats.

Why use EPS?

Highly efficient manufacture and localized production units mean EPS is a low-cost, proven solution

EPS is effectively 98% air, minimizing weight impacts in the transportation

EPS is non-toxic, chemically inert, and fungi and bacteria cannot grow on it

Unique insulation performance keeps fish safe and eradicates waste

EPS is insoluble and non-hygroscopic, Styrene for EPS is a byproduct of refining but is also abundant in natural products


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